Kenzie’s Beauty Corner: Quimat face brush review

The front side of the Quimat cleansing device has a central power button and plus and minus buttons on either side of the power button that control the speed of the vibrations that remove dirt from deep inside your pores. 

Kenzie McCoy

Skincare is a harder subject to cover when taking into account everyone’s different skin types, allergies, sensitivities and preferences.

Finding your perfect skincare regime is a difficult task, but so worth it in the end. Who doesn’t want healthy looking skin?

Skincare tools are a little more universal, allowing people of different skin types to use them. I’ve found my holy grail of face washing tools. It’s both cheap and effective for most skin types: The Quitmat face brush.

The Quimat brush currently retails for $17.99 on, whereas higher end, more expensive face brushes such as the Foreo generally sell for $119.99.

I purchased the hyped-up Foreo mini cleanser a few years back. While the Foreo served me well for awhile, it recently stopped charging and therefore, stopped working altogether. I was extremely irritated that my expensive skincare tool was no longer usable.

When I first bought the Foreo, there really weren’t any well-reviewed alternative options available yet. That’s definitely not the case today, with a boom in facial cleansing tools available in the cosmetics industry. The Quimat is certainly the best that I have tried so far, though.

I think cleansers such as the Quimat and Foreo are both great options in that their silicone designs are much less of a bacteria feeding ground than other brushes, such as the popular Clarisonic brush. The Clarisonic is made from a plastic design and goes for $129.99. After trying the Quimat, Foreo and Clarisonic cleansers, along with the silicone cleansers, I can tell you from personal experience the silicone options are much lower maintenance and cleaner for your skin. No more re-purchasing expensive brush heads for the Clarisonic for me.

I simply wet my face and the Quimat’s brush, apply cleanser to the Quimat’s bristles and select an appropriate vibration setting to exfoliate with. The vibrations of the device help penetrate into pores, more than your hands, to get rid of dirt and makeup. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes and leaves my face feeling fresh and smooth. The product also claims to be 100% waterproof so that you can make it a part of your shower routine like I do. I love that this device is gentle enough to make my face super clean, without any redness or stinging. To disinfect the Quimat, I run the brush sections of the device under hot water with dish soap.

After using the Quimat, Foreo and Clarisonic, I didn’t notice much of a difference in their end result on my skin. The Clarisonic is just too high maintenance for the higher price to contend with the others, though. In terms of comfortable usage, the Quimat has a more natural grip to it as well, whereas the Foreo’s design was annoyingly slippery.

When it comes down to it, you don’t have to break the bank on beauty tools to get a quality product. The Quimat is as affordable as it is effective. I highly recommend that anyone interested in a quicker, more effective facial cleansing routine pick up a Quimat (available in pink and blue) as soon as possible.