In Review: An address to our readers

Review Editorial Staff

Another academic year is behind us and the Review thanks its loyal readers for their continued support.

Our publication would be nothing without our diverse student body and faculty.

This past academic year has been one of sweeping changes and harsh realities. Together, we engaged in political discourse as our nation endured what was arguably one of the most divisive, difficult presidential elections in our nation’s history. We shed light on the Dakota Access Pipeline and civil rights issues.

On our own campus, we brought extensive coverage of our own Student Government election. We also took a hard look at local crime and, most importantly, we came together as a campus community in light of unpleasant revelations.

The duty of a journalist is to report the truth, conveying all sides of a story fairly, no matter how difficult the subject matter may be. We highlight the very best and worst of our campus community and strive to provide students with unbiased, uncompromising honesty.

We hope you agree with us when we say we believe we have achieved that to the best of our abilities. Even so, we must always strive to do better and value the continued support and honesty of our readers.

This past semester in particular, we have placed more of an emphasis on investigative journalism for the sole purpose of offering you more mature and worthwhile news pieces to help our readers stay engaged and continue the conversation even after the page has turned. The Review staff has no plans to slow down this forward momentum anytime soon.

In the coming academic year, we hope to continue facilitating healthy debate and fresh perspectives on the world around us, especially the issues that directly affect our campus community.

In particular, we hope to provide a more in-depth, expanded coverage of our Student Government beyond the election. We will continue to be actively with our weekly Student Senate meetings and hope to have more conversations with out Senators and administrative staff as we continue to see a progression on policy for the betterment of our student body.

Continue to engage with our weekly stories this summer as we continue to strive to provide you with content that matters to WU.