The Crisis in Syria: History Honors Society to present forum with multiple perspectives

Jessica Knieff

At 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 25 in Henderson 100, a forum on Syria will take a look at the civil war that has drawn global attention and involvement .

Ali Khan, professor for the school of law, Bassima Schbley MSW director/ associate professor of social work, Linsey Moddelmog, assistant professor of political science, and Tom Prasch, department chair and professor of history will speak about the impact that the civil war has had regionally and around the world.

“By coming to the event, students can become better informed about the complexities of Syria’s nearly seven-year civil war, which can help students develop opinions about U.S. involvement in the conflict,” Moddelmog said.

This free forum, hosted by the history honors society, Phi Alpha Theta, will cover a range of subjects from the current state of affairs in Syria to the place of chemical weapons in international law, and the shifting ground of US policy in the Middle East.