Shawnee County Fair: “The Pirates of the Fairribean”

Sabrina Rana

The Shawnee County Fair 2017 began with a horse show July 15, with all other exhibits and shows occurring July 20 to 23 at the Kansas Expocentre.

The Fair theme was “The Pirates of the Fairribean.” The fair was open to the public to participate in various divisions like arts and crafts, clothing and textiles, decorated egg contest, floriculture, foods, county cookie jar, cake decorating, pie baking, photography and more.

Many vendors attended the event. Attendees could watch a number of animals on display, such as rabbits, chickens and ducks. They also had a bake sale where they sold cakes and cookies for low prices. There were beautiful cakes on display from the cake decoration contest. There were clothes for sale, fitting rooms and a table filled with eye-catching accessories.

They had the largest tomatoes and the largest zucchini on display. They also had Topeka Model Railroaders & N’ Scalers Railroaders on display which had mini railroads and trains moving on them. There were tables filled with amazing exhibits made by different people. Overall, the entire fair was filled with amazing things to look at.