Bods on the Block


Yash Chitrakar

Which class this semester is your favorite?

Alicia Muniz, Junior, English with a concentration in writing

My favorite class is Beginning Fiction Writing because our professor gives us questions for discussions. So we have a lot of differing opinions in class. It just gives us more perspective on our thoughts as well as the thoughts of others.

Benis Munganga, Senior, Computer Science

This semester, my favorite class is Advanced Application Programming and Design. It’s a class that focuses on the specifics of programming, which is exactly what I need since I want to be a software designer. The teacher is also very understanding and explains concepts clearly.

Sho Kato, Senior, Athletic Training

Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training is my favorite class. This is what I want to do. This class offers me both practical experiences and theoretical knowledge. This semester, we got assigned to a sport team. So I get to be on the field, applying my knowledge, which is why I like this class the best.

Abby Price, Junior, Sociology

Matt Miller’s dad jokes make my Metorology class my favorite. He just has a fun personality. It’s like I’m watching THE weather channel. In fact, he is an actual meteorologist on TV.

Rayhan Makarim, Senior, Communication with a minor in Sociology

I like my Sociology of Disasters class. I like it because we get to stay up to date on recent disasters. For example, we just discussed hurricane Harvey and its ramifications. The teacher is also very helpful and understands the problems students have very well.