Q&A with Molly Steffes-Herman victim advocate

Shi'erra Lolar

As a victim advocate, what kinds of things can you help students with?

I can provide emontial support, information on reporting options for on and off campus students. 

I can provide information on victim rights and I can also give referrals to campus resources. I can also help students with events that don’t happen on Washburn’s campus. 

Where are you from?

I am from Topeka. I was born and raised here. I went to Topeka West and then I went to K.U. for four years. I didn’t graduate. So I transferred to Washburn to major in Criminal Justice I graduated from Washburn and I’ve been here ever since.

Is this the first college campus you’ve worked on?

Yes. This is the first campus I’ve worked on. I have worked with community members who were a part of Washburn though.

What is one thing that stands out about here from all of the other places that you’ve worked at?

It is such an accepting community. In my experience, the faculty and workers actually like being here. The students I think have a sense of ownership and pride and the students also feel that they belong here.

What is something new you’d like to implement on campus?

Washburn has a lot of things in place to help students one on one, but I think it would be cool to organize support groups. It’d be nice to have a support group for survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault.

If there were a person who has experienced or seen a crime & they were scared to report it what would you tell them?

First, I’d like to tell them that I support their decision no matter what. I would help them to evaluate their options and show them what steps they’d have to take report it. I support any decision the student chooses to make.

If anyone decides they need to talk to you, what is your contact info and where are you located?

Right now, I’m in Benton Hall. My office is 408b. 

My phone number is 785-670-1415. I am here on campus Monday-Fri from 8-5 pm. Monday’s 8-12 are my actual open office hours but students are welcome to call, email, or come see me face to face. Whichever the student is comfortable with is ok with me.