Editorial: Self care brought to you by editorial staff


Over the past week, Washburn has held many workshops focusing on various aspects of self awareness. From self care to healthy masculinity, campus workshops have facilitated important conversations that ultimately lend to individual success. 

Regardless of who you are, as a college student,  self awareness and self care are extremely important. We are all under enough stress as it is, so it is important to take time out of your busy schedule to take care of yourself. The better you take care of yourself, the more productive you will be. 

The editorial staff at the Washburn Review wanted to share a few of our favorite forms of self care. 

Andrew Shermoen

Features Team Leader

I like to play a video game or some kind of game that relaxes me. I never play anything stressful or something that requires too much skill. It distracts you from the stressful things around you and its nice to be immersed in something that just puts you in a peaceful, relaxing mood.


Colleen Kelly

Chief Copy Editor

I like to listen to music on full blast and run as a form of self care when I’m stressed.


Charlie Rankin

News Team Leader

When I am stressed, I like to sit down and rewatch some of my favorite movies. 

Jessica Knieff

Editor in Chief

When I am feeling stressed, I love to cook and more importantly eat lots of yummy food. 


Ryan Thompson

Multimedia Managing Editor

For self care, I like listening to music and cooking pasta. 


Colton Zimmerman

Multimedia Director

I love to play video games when I’m feeling stressed.


Erica Faulkinbury

Advertising Manager

Whenever I’m feeling stressed I like to spend time with my adorable rat terrier, Zoe. 


Cody Dannar 

Art Director

When I’m stressed, I read, listen to music or work on ceramics.


Ariele Dutton

Advertising Manager

I take naps for self care.