International house hosts pizza & potluck

United: American and international students enjoy the potluck together.

Sabrina Rana

The Washburn University International House welcomed new students with a Potluck and Pizza Sept. 4.

Potluck and Pizza is an event organized to welcome the new international students and make them feel at home by making new friends from their own country and to mingle with international students from other countries.

While the International House served pizza to the students, some students voluntarily brought dishes from their countries to share with students and faculty in attendance.

“It was really fun because we get to meet new people from different countries, which helps us broaden our horizons,” said Rayhan Makarim, a student from Jakarta, Indonesia. 

“This event not only helps us relax, but also helps us get closer to new people and the International House faculty,” Makarim said.

There was a wide variety of food brought in by the students and faculty, including various pizzas, Japanese-style omelettes, zucchini bread, Spanish sopa and cupcakes.

“The food brought by other students was delicious,” said Paritosha Joshy, a student from Nepal. “I’m glad I came to attend the event rather than staying in bed all day because it really is a lot of fun. I have a new favorite food thanks to this event!”

Other students kept busy sampling the variety of foods and dancing on the lawn with one another. Students took turns playing their favorite songs from their phones. 

“I was surprised that almost 100 people came for the party,” said Narumi Hishinuma, a student from Japan and a graphic designer for the International Club.

At the end of the event, many students stayed back to help clean the area as a gesture of gratitude to the International House for hosting the event. Everyone left with a positive outlook on the semester, new friends and full stomachs.