Editorial: Harvey brings winds of change


Beyond political, economic or social climate, nothing shows Americans true colors like how we come together in the face of tragedy.

 The devastation in Houston and the surrounding areas has been felt in the hearts of Americans throughout the nation. We have collectively watched as Hurricane Harvey rampaged communities that look just like ours. 

As a people, Americans have carried heavy hearts through the week in solidarity with those impacted by the hurricane. Millions have been directly affected by Harvey, having lost their homes and livlihoods in a matter of hours, and it’s impossible not to ache for them. 

In response, millions of people from around the globe have taken a proactive approach and donated their time and resources towards relief efforts. From donating money to a local Red Cross, to driving to Houston with a boat and physically rescuing survivors, our nation’s immediate response has been outstanding and is something to be proud of. Each donation, no matter how small, reflects our core American values. We are reminded that we are one nation, indivisible. 

No amount of rhetoric or hate speech can overcome the binding forces within this nation when our brothers and sisters are in need. It is our hope that the love and light that have come following this disaster perpetuate and shine into other areas of need in our country. 

The southwest coast is bracing for yet another onslaught of storms as Hurricane Irma rapidly approaches. We urge you to set aside your differences, focus on the positive and to continue to give what you can.