‘Destiny 2’ generic story, exciting multiplayer

Xavier Strong

Since its release in 2014, “Destiny” has been one of the most divisive video games to date.

After a tumultuous development cycle in which Marty O’Donnell, veteran employee of Bungie, sued the company after being fired, “Destiny” released with what seemed like barebones content, especially compared to previous games in Bungie’s development library, such as the highly acclaimed “Halo” franchise.

After receiving intense pushback for the lack of a singleplayer campaign and the game’s necessity for intense grinding for random loot drops, Bungie promised fans that “Destiny 2” would resolve these issues.

“Destiny 2,” an online-only multiplayer first person shooter, allows players to play as three classes of character: Hunter, Titan and Warlock. The objective is to work with your clan and succeed in as many raids and strikes as possible on various hostile alien planets. The game relies heavily upon longterm strategy, resource management and intensive teamwork amongst players.

For many fans, “Destiny 2” is a step in the wrong direction. Despite having a visually spectacular cinematic campaign, the story is uninspired and generic for the most part. It fails to explain any of the mythology behind the mysterious “Traveler” introduced in the beginning of the story or the origin of its power, instead relying on the expanded universe for answers.

With no new enemy races, simplified skill trees, and a copy and paste feeling from the first game “Destiny 2” instead feels like what the original game was meant to be, and as such, a re-release instead of a progression in design, gameplay and story-telling.

That being said, for newcomers, “Destiny 2” is a fantastic experience in gaming. With some of the tightest shooting mechanics to date, the smooth gameplay and diverse worlds and experiences awaiting in game will keep gamers engaged for quite some time.

After finishing the story, players can revisit each planet to participate in public arena gameplay, compete in PvP multiplayer or challenge their teamwork with friends in the acclaimed Raid Mode. By far the most enjoyable yet frustrating experience of “Destiny 2,” Raid Mode forces players to use precise teamwork to defeat Callus, the formidable alien warlord, in a strenuous boss battle.

With two announced expansions, “Destiny 2” is worth your time as long as you were not heavily invested in an immersive, fleshed out campaign or a different experience from the first game. Enjoy it for what it is, not what it could be.