Editorial: WU values unite bods past, present


Integrity, excellence, accountability, respect, collaboration and innovation.

These core values are what homecoming is really about.

The editorial team has spent a lot of time in the past few weeks looking through former yearbooks dating back over a century. Washburn pride is something that has prevailed through the generations and the unifying factors over the years are the values that we live by as a university.

Campus is buzzing this week with the excitement that comes with homecoming. People are tired from late nights building floats, decorating top hats and creating banners. Offices around campus are covered in nautical decor and some of Washburn’s finest Ichabods are representing the university as royalty candidates.

The culmination of all the homecoming events however are tied together by the core values of Washburn. We are united by the binding values that make our college unique.

As we go through homecoming week, take the opportunity to work with and meet people that you maybe otherwise would not have come in contact with. Say hello to some alumni at the tailgate. They will be reminiscing on their homecoming days at Washburn and you likely have more in common with them than you realize.

If nothing else, keep in mind Washburn’s core values as you go through this week. Exemplify what it means to be an Ichabod and remember to take a moment to enjoy the festivities. These are the days we will look back on fondly and remember what it was like to represent our university with pride, a bit of competitiveness and with true Washburn spirit in the name of integrity, excellence, accountability, respect, collaboration and innovation.