Homecoming throughout the years

Charles Rankin

Homecoming is alive and well at Washburn University. Royalty has been nominated, top hats have been decorated and Yell Like Hell has been choreographed.

Some organizations have been preparing all semester for this event, whether it be in planning or decorating, or in a few cases, both.

The week is hosted by the homecoming committee, which is chaired by Scott Weinkauf, vice president of WSGA.

“We started working on it right after WSGA elections,” said Weinkauf. “We came up with the theme right before school got out [in the spring semester] so we could get as much feedback as possible.”

Weinkauf said that the committee has been working hard for the past few months, especially in the last few weeks as they selected independent judges for the various competitions . These events and competitions include Homecoming Ball, Yell Like Hell and the Ichabod Race.

Even though it is heavily involved with the planning of homecoming festivities, WSGA still has fun competing with the rest of the student organizations. However, its intention is not to win.

“We’re not in it for the competition of it,” said Caleb Soliday, WSGA chief of staff. “We’re really in it for the spirit of it all.”

For more information and for times for each homecoming event, visit washburn.edu/homecoming.