Vendors at Stone’s Folly showcase local art

Unique wind chimes created by Kathleen Hayward

Xavier Strong

Stone’s Folly Art Festival this weekend was dazzling spectacle of diversity in art. 

Running Sept. 29 and 30, the festival provided family fun and a venue for local artists to display their work.

The endless maze of vendors displaying their personal passions stretched throughout the lot. A stage was setup on one end for bands to entertain the crowds. 

Among the artists were glass workers, wood workers, painters and musicians, along with mixed media and crafts on display. 

Those needing a break from the sun, could congregate under a welcoming tent with a grill steadily serving up hot food. One of the more humorous aspects of the festivals were the signs spread across the campus asking visitors to not ‘feed the artists. Buy their art and they will feed themselves.’

One particular vendor provided festival-goers with wind chimes made from various materials, such as spoons and cutlery or old seasoning tins. The vendor, Kathleen Hayward, takes pride in her unique items. Hayward  has been making these “One-of-a-Kind Wind Chimes” for 20 years, after finding making jewelry was not very profitable. 

“At first I did only silver plated chimes, but the ones I really came to love are the quirky ones,” Hayward said. She pointed at a chime she had made of ‘Dorothy’ from “The Wizard of Oz,” and explained that it spins in the wind like it is stuck in a twister.

Another fascinating display came from Martin Borbeau from St. Marys, Kansas. Working with acrylic paint, he layers the paint until he achieves a 3D perspective. He describes it as sculpting with paint.  

As this was a family oriented festival hosted by The Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic Church, there were games and activities set up for children. A large, three foot tall stack of Jenga blocks was used by many throughout the day as the teetering blocks rose higher and higher. Face painting and playing games had the children occupied and happy throughout the festival.