Bods On The Block 10/15

What is the end goal of your career?

“This is my last year, and I’ve never been to the national tournament yet. We’ve been close to qualifying, so the goal is to get there, and obviously we never play not to win. So the goal is to get there and win.”

-Chase Coble, Golf, Senior


“I want to win a lot of championships as a coach and make an impact on the kids lives that I teach.”

-Trevin Wiens, Football, Senior


“My goal would be a conference championship for Washburn Women’s Tennis.”

-Madison Lysaught, Tennis, Sophomore


“The end goal of my football career is to inspire other people, to bring the the sophomores, the freshmen and the juniors up, help them out to learn the offense and be better players.”

-Mickeel Stewart, Football, Senior


“My end goal is to become an all-conference, you know, an all-american, probably. Get a tryout for an NFL team and see where that leads me. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll probably pursue a career in psychology.”

-Kyle Hinton, Football, Sophomore