Sports bods on the block – How do you balance academics and athletics?

Trevor Beurman

Mariah Grunert, freshman

“It is definitely challenging. You just can’t take too many naps and you need to go to class so that you don’t miss anything. It is hard to make that up with travel days and practice.”

Carley Swan, senior

“I keep a very detailed planner, and whenever I have downtime in between practice I usually shower or head to the library to study.”

Balie Stamps, sophomore

“I balance my academics with a planner. I work out when I can, and I usually go straight from practice to the Mabee library.”

Makayla Maxwell, junior

“I have notes on my computer. I keep my to-do list in there to make sure I am on top of everything.”

Allison Maxwell, freshman

“I have my own planner and I set aside two hours each night to go over every subject and just try [to make sure I understand everything.]”