Men’s basketball falls flat versus Bearcats, beats Ottawa

Trevor Beurman

The Ichabods squared off against the number one ranked Northwest Missouri Bearcats in a crucial matchup in Kansas City. 

The Bearcats, coming off their recent national championship season, looked to stay undefeated with their talented roster.

This matchup was a close contest from the get go. Washburn opened an eight point lead in the first half to put an impressive distance between the two at the start of the game.

Eventually, though, the Bearcats bounced back from their first half deficit with a 13-0 run with hot shooting and a stingy defensive front. The first half ended with the Ichabods down by three, looking to start off fast once again for the second half.

“We need to make sure that individually and as a team we handle the game defensively,” said Brady Skeens, senior. “We need to make sure on nights were scoring is not as well that our defense is consistent.”

For the start of the second half, the Ichabods seemed to play catch up on the defensive front while also using offense to keep them in the game. The Bearcats, however, with their three point barrage on offense, continued to excel beyond the Ichabods’ capabilities.

The Bearcats hammered home shots on the outside arc, and the Ichabods continued to struggle to stop them. As the game wore on, the Ichabods tried to stay in the game with some plays in the paint, but it ultimately was not enough.

The Ichabods upset bid fell short, and the Bearcats escaped with the victory at Municipal Stadium in Kansas City. Washburn looked to improve their record as they fell against the top ranked Bearcats.

The Ichabods’ next game was against the Ottawa University Braves at Yager Stadium. During this game, the Ichabods gave much improved performances in terms of both offense and defense, exuding an enormous amount of scoring throughout the game. The Ichabods got off to a hot start scoring as they began the game on a 7-0 run.

The Ichabods did not stop there for almost the entirety of the first half, as the Braves never lead until the final seconds of the first. With the scoring barrage the Ichabods had in the first, they made sure it would continue in the second.

“I thought I played good,” said Javion Blake, junior. “I was really aggressive on offense and defense, even though I got in foul trouble in the first half.”

In fact, Blake scored 22 points in just 24 minutes, maximizing his scoring while he was in the game.

The major factor during the game, however, was the bench, as the Ichabods saw great numbers outside of the starting five.

Skeens was proud of the team’s overall performance. 

“As a team, we played really well,” Skeens said. “We did better on the defensive end and made a lot of hustle plays.”

The Ichabods closed the game with a 96-75 victory against the Braves. The Ichabods now have a 3-3 overall record and are undefeated at home as they start the season.