Three apartment complexes ideal for Ichabods

Sarah Miller

Part of the classic college experience in living away from home for the first time.

Some begin in the dorms and gain experience in that controlled environment, while others transition to apartments directly from their home. Whichever you may be, selecting the right apartment can be daunting. 

There are many factors in deciding which apartment to rent. Some people need a short commute, others need a place that allows pets. While reviewing apartment buildings in Topeka, three complexes stood out among the rest that Washburn students should consider. The main factors considered in the selection process were location in relation to campus, price, noise, safety and amenities.

The Lofts at College Hill are conveniently located across the street from campus above the popular college hangout Burger Stand. For students concerned with commute time or who just want to be near night life, this location is ideal. Units have open floor plans ranging from 700 to 1000 square feet.

This apartment building also offers amenities already included in the price, such as a laundry room, high-speed internet, a pool and a fitness center. For those with pets, The Lofts allow small dogs, 30 lbs and under, and cats, both with a one-time pet fee.

Although the Lofts are a nice option for some college students, there are some cons to living there. The location is close to campus, but it is also in a high traffic area with many restaurants, which could lead to a lot of noise and foot traffic at night.

It is also quite expensive. One room apartments are $705 per month, while two room apartments can be up to $1325 per month. These apartments are more expensive because they are high-quality and in a popular location, so spending that extra money can be worth it if one is willing to live in a very active, high-energy area of town.

Students on a budget have another option just as close to campus: The Washburn Place Apartments. 

The building is located across the street from campus on Washburn Avenue. While still close enough to College Hill to enjoy the night life, these apartments are in a quieter area with much less foot traffic and weekend noise. Although there is a busy street nearby, it remains mostly quiet at night.

The price for a two bedroom, one bathroom unit is $640 per month. Units come included with a washer and dryer, refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher. There is a parking lot that allows for private parking and some of the utilities are paid for, including water and trash removal.

Washburn Place Apartments do have a few cons, however. The only units available are the two bedroom units, and each one is only 700 square feet. The limited space and lack of variety in floor plans can be deal breakers depending on your living situation.

Another notable con is that these apartments do not allow pets. However, the affordability and safety of these units can outweigh a smaller living space and pet in terms of importance in the long run.

Another, lesser-known apartment building that is great for college students is Regency Park. Located on Regency Parkway, these apartments are the farthest from campus of the three mentioned. However, the average commute time to Washburn is 5-10 minutes by car, so the morning commute is manageable. These apartments are affordable, ranging from $745 to $850 per month for two bedroom, two bathroom units that are approximately 1000 square feet.

Some amenities included in the cost are a dishwasher, refrigerator, walk-in closets, fireplace and patio. Units also include garages and access to the private pool. This apartment building also allows dogs and cats of all sizes for a one-time pet deposit fee.

One big con is that a washer and dryer are not included, only the hook-ups, so what money is saved on the affordable rent costs would need to go toward buying those appliances.

Also, while the happy medium in terms of price and space among the three apartment complexes, Regency Park’s location could be a problem for some because of the longer commute. However, being further from campus puts one in a more residential community, rather than one buzzing with College Hill traffic and activity. 

Topeka has a wide range of apartment buildings that are suitable for college students, but it’s important to know what these locations offer before taking the plunge and moving in. 

Consider which aspects of apartment living are most important to you, ask your friends about their experiences and choose the option that fits you best. 

Make sure you know what your deal breakers are, as well as what makes the most sense for how you see yourself living for the duration of your lease.