Women’s basketball suffers exhibition loss at Baylor

Kendra Wicks

Washburn’s Women’s Basketball suffered a 33-117 loss during their first game against Baylor University. The Bears brought fierce competition right out of the gate, only allowing the Ichabods to have a small lead at 3-2 and then taking them by storm. They ended the first quarter with a 28-point lead over Washburn.

During the second quarter, the Bods fought back and were able to score more points than any other quarter. For the second half of the game, Baylor continued to pound the court, ending with a large win.

Baylor is the first opponent that the women’s team has taken on this year. The game was an exhibition game, which will not count towards the ladies’ record for this season. Although the loss was disappointing, the team has taken it as a chance to grow and prepare for the upcoming season.

“It made us more motivated,” said Reagan Phelan, a sophomore on the team. “We know what we need to work on now. Obviously if we have that many turnovers we’re going to get beat like that. It was a good learning experience.”

Washburn had 45 turnover points to Baylor’s 6 throughout the game. However, the players are keeping a positive attitude as they prepare for future competition.

“I feel like we have a decent grasp on our basic defenses and offenses,” said Alexis McAfee, a sophomore on the team. “I’m excited to get started on the games.”

Baylor is one of the toughest teams Washburn has ever faced during pre-season, and the women are working with a fairly young team.

“We’re kind of growing up together because I know we have a lot of new people and new freshman coming in,” Phelan said. “It will be fun to play with some new faces and hopefully have a good season.”

Up next for the Ichabods is there first game of the season against Minnesota State University at 6:45 p.m. Nov. 10 in Kansas City, Missouri. The Ichabods look to bounce back against a huge loss that they suffered last Monday.