Nall Speak Off

Xavier Strong

Approximately 2074 years after Cicero, young students still follow in the famous orator’s footsteps in learning to spin prose to sway an audience. Washburn students gathered in Henderson for the semi-annual Nall Speak Off to deliver their speeches before an assembly of faculty and students.

Six students delivered diverse speeches for a scholarship award of $500. Afterwards, while the judges deliberated, Professor Tracy Routsong, Communication Studies, lead the audience in performing short dances. When the judges re-entered, the audience used the dances to hype the announcement. The deliberations went longer than expected because a tie between sixth and fifth place had caused a good deal of concern for the judges.

Sixth place was awarded to Kelly Lemke for her speech on the effects of consumption of caffeine in the average individual’s lifestyle.

Fifth place went to Aaron Lytle after his speech on the advantages and disadvantages of being a left-handed individual.

Fourth place was received by Austin Heath, and his intriguing showcase of a DGI drone and its uses.

Tite Munganga spoke extensively on the effects of culture shock, and the difficulties in adapting to life in a new country. He was awarded third place.

Niko Sims pulled in close at second place. He provided extensive detail on the rising concerns of jellyfish in relation to climate change, and how we might adapt to live in a world with an overflow of the gelatinous creatures.

Finally, in first place, Jossie Hicks won the $500 scholarship award for her speech on Star Trek and the powerful effects it had on Pop Culture and the Civil Rights movement. Michelle Nichols was the first colored female star that was not either a slave or a maid. She was a direct inspiration to Whoopi Goldberg.