Nine high school choirs perform in White Concert Hall

Steven Dennis

High school vocal groups take the stage in White Concert Hall to show off their talents one after the other.

Formally known as the Stacie Beaver Scholarship Concert, the concert is held each fall.

“It’s a concert that features all of the small, select groups of high schools here in Shawnee County,” said Steve Eubank, the director of the Topeka High Madrigals.

Eight high school groups, and the Madrigals, participated: the Hayden Singers, directed by Maureen Brogren, the Highland Park High School Chamber Choir, directed by Patrick Kitendo, Washburn Rural This Generation, directed by Michael Mills, The Topeka High Madrigals, directed by Eubank, The Seaman High School Show Choir, directed by Andrew Huff, the Cair Paravel Latin School Madrigals, directed by Mark Congedon, Cornerstone’s Deo Gloria, directed by Dorothy Iliff, the Topeka West Singers, directed by Joshua East and finally the Shawnee Heights Choraliers, directed by Robert Doole. Additionally, the Washburn Singers had the honor of being the first to perform, kicking off the show.

“Everything from madrigals, to show choir, to twentieth century chamber music, to jazz; it is a very eclectic program,” Eubank said.

Songs ranging from musicals numbers like “La La Land” to the light and rhythmic pieces like “White Winter Hymnal” and “Walking on the Green Grass” were pulled together for the concert, allowing the audience to experience a plethora of musical styles from a variety of musicians, each one challenging the young singers in different ways for a stunning show.

“Everybody who comes wants all of the groups to do well,” said Eubank, “All of the groups are a little bit different, and each group is trying to be the best… it is very enjoyable to have a real positive feeling [event]… we want everyone to do their best, their very best.”

The students seemed to enjoy the performance as well, greeting and congratulating members of other groups as well as each other as they pass by each other on the way to and from the stage.

“We want to donate $2000 in scholarships to the Washburn Vocal Music Department,” said Marilyn Bahr, the chair of the Civic Music Club of Topeka, “We all tell our friends, our club members, and the rest of the state about this big project; we are really proud of it.”

Bahr urges anyone to come to the concert and support the scholarship.

“We are doing this for the community and for Washburn,” said Bahr.

The High School Showcase Concert is held every year on the first Monday of November. All are welcome to come and donations to the scholarship fund are more than welcome.