Crime Report



Nov. 6, 8:42 a.m., A smoke alarm was reset in room 211, Topeka Fire Dept. stated the cause was unbeknownst to them. 


Alien Abduction

Nov. 6, 9:00 a.m., officers filed an Offense and Arrest report for a non-resident, non-student entity. The being was, however, identified and cited. 


That’s just Poopy of You

Nov. 6, 4:00 a.m., unknown suspect(s) inscripted graffiti on a bathroom wall at Washburn Tech. 


Decidedly Vague Police Report

Nov. 7, 9:50 a.m., officers reported a student ‘violated’ Washburn policies and rules in Parking Lot 1, 1759 SW Mulvane Street.


Who Goes There

Nov. 6, 10:30 p.m., Washburn Tech. intrusion alarm alerted. Fears were unfounded; a custodial staff was present, and the alarm reset. 


Experimental Recipe

Nov. 7, 8:51 p.m., Residents of 123, Lincoln Hall, burnt their food to a smoky crisp, resulting in a smoke alarm. TFD despite feeling hungry for un-burnt dinner, ventilated the room after resetting the alarm. 


Why, Casper, Why

Nov. 8, 1:27 a.m., Washburn Univ. Foundation alerted multiple intrusion alarms. Building was verified secure, and the alarm reset. Confidence in the security system has yet to be reset. 


C’mon, Vin Diesel

Nov. 8, 11:04 a.m., officers arrested a student for traffic offenses at Washburn Tech. 



What’s Happening in 211

Nov. 8, 2:35 p.m., TFD responded to a smoke alarm in room 211, Lincoln Hall. The cause of the trouble in 211 is still unbeknownst to both responders and residents. At this time, reports are hesitant to point to the paranormal. 



Cyber Suspicion     

Nov. 8, 2:29 p.m., a student in Morgan Hall reported receiving a message through social media that was deemed suspicious. 


Cliff-Hanger Report

Nov. 9, 3:09 p.m., an officer spoke with a student about possible damage to their vehicle. 



Oct. 30 – Nov. 9, a report of a student missing from their dorm room for 10 days was closed after contact was made and the student was verified to be in good health. 


Faulty Sources              

Nov. 9, 10:48 p.m., officers responded to a report of a student in possession of drugs. Officers made contact with the student, no drugs were found.       


Tears for Wheels

Nov. 6-Nov. 9, officers filed a report of theft of both a bicycle and it’s lock at the LLC. 


Hold My… Stuff                     

Nov. 10, 10:10 a.m., officers  filed an information report, information only: a student in Kuehne Hall requested WUPD hold their personal property for safe-keeping.


Limited Parking        

Nov. 10, 12:28 p.m., officers filed a non-injury accident report for a two vehicle collision in Parking Lot 9, 1851, Plass Avenue. Fortunately, no-one was injured. 


Parking Still Limited       

Nov. 11, 1:22 p.m., two more vehicles collided in Parking Lot 2, 1900 SW Washburn Avenue. Once again, property damage was the only result. 


Dine and Dash                           

Nov. 12, 10:17 p.m., TFD responded to a smoke alarm in the Whiting Field House, 1901 SW Mulvane. Marijuana was determined to be the cause, however no-one was found. The area was cleared and the alarm reset. 


Casper, Seriously

Nov. 13, 1:10 p.m., officers responded to a motion alarm at the Maintenance Facility, 1313 SW 21st Street. The cause, again, was unbeknownst to the even the sharpest on the case, as the area was fenced in and the area secure.