News Bod on Block Jan. 17

Yuto Hirayama, sophomore business management

“Computer science, because I know nothing about it and want to learn something new. It seems interesting. Also, because it will help me with my career.”

Yumi Hidaka, freshman education

“I am most excited about learning English because I want to be able to speak English better than I do now.”

Ty’Rese Mendez, freshman music education, guy, tan suit, red tie

“Jazz 1, because I’ve been living jazz since sixth grade middle school. I have a real passion for jazz.”

Josh Griffin, sophomore music education- guy, light blue button-up

“Astronomy [and] cosmology. I’ve always had an interest in space and the universe. I need a general education requirement and I figured I might as well take a class in something I’m interested in than something I’m not.”

Reed Treace, senior accounting and entrepreneurship- guy, backwards hat

“Advanced accounting information systems. It’s going to be really useful for my career and I think I’m going to learn a lot in it.”

Justin Bates, junior nursing- guy, green sweatshirt

“Junior composition. I’m not a great writer and I’m hoping to get better.”

Karla Robles, sophomore forensic investigation- girl, gray sweatshirt, glasses

“My forensic lab. We are going to do mock cases and we get to work at the KBI building. I’m also looking forward to statistics because I’m taking it with my roommate.”