Mass media department presents Keynote Speaker event featuring Dan Bennett

Dan Bennett, regional vice president at Cumulus Media Dallas, provides insight on how to successful get a job. Bennett recommended that students make connections and remain persistent in their job search. (Stuti Ghimire)

The Keynote Speaker event was hosted by the mass media department on April 9, 2023. Students, families and everyone passionate about mass media came to attend the event and enjoyed the food and played games there. At the event, winners of scholarships were also honored for their academic achievement.

Dan Bennett, the regional vice president at Cumulus Media Dallas, appeared at the event this year as a guest speaker.

Participants were advised to put effort into connections and obtain assistance from those who truly care about and through utilizing the networks of colleagues and friends to find employment opportunities.

The event offered fascinating details on a variety of media-related topics, including the condition of the economy and the music industry. Those seeking help navigating these areas effectively are sure to find the material provided by Bennett’s crucial insights.

Bennett emphasized the significance of using existing connections and being aggressive when approaching companies concerning chances for hiring. The speaker also advised job seekers to apply to firms even if they have no opportunities and use their connections or attempt to get their applications out there.

The event’s major goal was to offer job searchers professional advice and direction on how to thoroughly research the organizations that they are applying to. Bennett distributed his professional knowledge on the best methods and resources for examining organizations, including exploring their websites and contacting recent or former staff members.

He highlighted the value of maintaining an effective online presence and by using social media platforms for promoting one’s abilities and experience, as well as staying up with current trends and developments in the media sector.

The essential topic of how to write an effective curriculum vitae was also covered throughout the seminar. They’ll have the skills and expertise required to create a great and compelling resume that shows their skills and knowledge with their presentation, spoken language and overall guidance.

The direction given to job seekers emphasizes the importance of networking and the need to have a diverse skill set in today’s rapidly changing media landscape. The speaker also advises that those seeking employment take feedback positively and make developments to increase their chances of getting hired. Bennett also encourages creating a resume that highlights accomplishments rather than just previous employment.

Additionally, Chris Hogan, a well-known trainer and author, was mentioned during the event through a clip where he offered his tips on how to become a common person millionaire despite the income. Individuals won’t waste any time beginning the journey toward financial freedom with his professional advice.

Bennett told an experienced media applicant, Dan Barret, that he encourages students to learn everything that they can about the communications enterprises and to concentrate largely on the increasingly desired electronic media.

He emphasizes their combination of various media and encourages learners to explore as much as they can, even if they have a particular interest in stuff like TV or radio. He advises individuals to focus not just on seeking job opportunities but also on handling their finances and considering potential investments.

He said that students must work hard to be competitive and make decisions to locate journalism-related professions by handling issues, financing and investment.

“The use of multidisciplinary knowledge is crucial for achievement in the fast and easy-paced multimedia industry. To build a successful career and achieve financial independence in the constantly evolving media industry, keep your finances wisely,” Bennett said.

Ben Doole, a sophomore majoring in mass media, said that he enjoyed the event and found it to be a great opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in the media industry. He particularly appreciated the emphasis on networking and the importance of having a diverse skill set in today’s rapidly changing media landscape.

“I found the keynote speech by Dan Bennett to be incredibly insightful and motivating. It’s given me a lot to think about in terms of my career path and the importance of networking and taking control of my finances,” Doole said.

The keynote also recognized the applicants for numerous awards given out to persons who have made important contributions to their communities and fields.

Bennett received the first award, the Mass Media Novus Solum Alumni Award, which is awarded to department graduates who graduated over a decade ago and continue to make a difference in their chosen field.

The conversation then focused on recognizing outstanding students across the concentrations of the mass media department. Students received recognition for their outstanding academic performance, managerial skills and departmental contributions. The recognition recognizes their efforts, dedication and passion for excellence in her field of study.


Edited by Aja Carter and LeSha Davis