Bod on Block-Jan. 24

Claire Baudouin Junior Languages and Human Resources- girl wearing furry coat

“I make [social media] networks private. I don’t  share much personal information. I use a special email just for Twitter.”

Devin Lampen Junior Chemical Engineering- guy wearing black jacket

“Trust no one. I try and refrain from using public computers. I constantly run virus scans. I don’t have any social media. I reroute all my emails to one account.”

Madison Funk  sophomore bio-chemistry and physics- girl wearing blue union shirt

“I have social media but I’m not very active on it. I’ve never post pictures taken at my own house. I don’t pose anything with locations. I don’t add people I don’t personally know. I stay away from unfamiliar sites.”

Courtney Cook freshman art- blonde with culinary arts hoodie

“I use antivirus and anti-malware protection. I also keep my social media private so that no one can access my account without me adding.”

Zekiah Nettekoven senior computer science- night cap and beard

“Anything I use on a regular basis I update regularly. I generally just be careful with sites I visit and use adblock on sites I don’t trust.”

David Walker freshman accounting and finance-Royals hat

“I only let friends of friends see my social media accounts. I also sign in to VPNs when on wifi and only use my home wifi when accessing things like my back account. Whether it’s Google or Safari, I use private or Incognito mode. I give the least amount of information as possible when opening accounts, usually no more than my name and email. I also just come to the realization that everything you do is tracked by organizations like Google and Facebook because those companies business is on the metadata of their users.”