Relocated WSGA begins spring semester with swearings-in

Charles Rankin

WSGA met for its first meeting of the semester 6:30 p.m. Jan. 17. After what appeared to be a scheduling conflict, the meeting took place in Room 100 in Henderson instead of its usual location, the Kansas Room in Memorial Union.

The change in venue seemed to lead to a number of senators not being present as Speaker Pro Tempore Traevor McPherson asked after roll was called whether there was a quorum, the minimum number of voting members for legislation to be conducted, present so that the meeting could move forward. According to another member, there was in fact a quorum present and the meeting continued.

After calling roll, the executive staff members gave their reports. Among the reports given, Public Relations and Marketing Director Victoria Toothaker asked the senators for ideas of businesses to add to the iSave program and a list of places that give Washburn students discounts. Budget Director Zac Surrit updated the senators on the auditing process taking place with student organizations and President Alexis Simmons stated that WSGA is looking for ways to get involved in the community for Sexual Assault Awareness Month coming up in April.

The official swearing in of two new executive staff members also occurred during the meeting with Jessica Barraclough, faculty adviser for WSGA, swearing in Toothaker as Public Relations and Marketing Director and Sarah Arriaga as Chief of Staff.

The senate also voted to allocate $900 to the Interfraternity Council for a conference in February in Indianapolis and approved the appointment of Senator Tristan Weinbrenner as chair of the communications committee and Senator Lauren Mulanax as chair of the nominations committee.