The ups and downs of dating at Washburn

Dating at Washburn can be difficult because of racial and cultural differences. Students have tried to embrace different cultures and races while dating on campus, but it does not always lead to success.

Dating is a term coined to signify that stage of a romantic relationship in which two individuals engage in an activity together, most often with the intention of evaluating each other’s suitability as partners in a future intimate relationship.

People are diverse, so are their choices and preferences regarding who to date, when to date and whether to date at all. Such diversity is most present in school environments such as Washburn and a variety of students have some interesting things to say about dating.

For Colleen Elumogo, a freshman nursing major, she finds dating at Washburn to be a challenge.

“Dating at Washburn sucks because of my preferences, it is harder because there is not enough of my people here to choose from,” Elumogo said. “There are not enough Black people here to choose from. Even the ones here are just set in a certain type of way. For example, they are ‘clicky’ or they are just weird. So to me, there is not enough of them to choose from.”

School activities and the pressure of studies and deadlines to meet seems to be uppermost in the minds of some students that they hardly have time to give dating a consideration.

“I don’t think dating is hard at Washburn, but I am really not looking to date right now because I am focusing on school, really. But I don’t think it’s hard. Washburn is small so anyone you see probably already has a girlfriend,” said Kevon Marshall, a freshman business major.

The fact that you find yourself in the midst of other people from different races, cultures and backgrounds seems to be the concern of some students.

“Some students feel intimidated by other races, so they just settle with dealing with people of the same race, making dating more difficult as their choices are limited,” Marshall said.

Confidence is the key to finding a date at Washburn according to Anthony Brown-Earl, a freshman international business major.

“I think dating at Washburn is pretty easy once you have an open mind and willing to go speak with someone with confidence,” Brown said.

If you were considering dating someone at Washburn, regardless of their race, cultural background and sexual orientation or identity, you might as well give it a shot as it is not as difficult a venture as you might think it is.

Edited by Glorianna Noland and Simran Shrestha