Margaret Jones makes impactful connections with Ichabods

Margaret Jones enjoys working with international students and athletes to help them succeed in life. She has been a part of Washburn University since her college days, where she earned her English certification and took theater classes during the summer. (courtesy of Margaret Jones)

Margaret Jones, a lecturer in communication studies, enjoys teaching in diverse classes.

Born and raised in Topeka, Jones attended Topeka High School before spending six years away during college.

She earned an Associate of Arts degree from Cottey College, a women’s college in Nevada, Missouri, before transferring to Kansas State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a theater emphasis and a degree in speech communication.

In addition to her educational achievements, Jones is passionate about musical theater. Although she no longer performs, she directed musicals for many years and now enjoys sitting back and watching it.
Jones is also a girl scout leader and an active member of a women’s organization, a sisterhood called the Philanthropic and Educational Organization, which provides numerous scholarships and educational opportunities for female students worldwide.

With lots of experience teaching in a broad range of educational settings, she believes in outcome-based education. Jones enjoys working with international students and athletes, working hard to assist them in thriving because they seem to understand the importance of modification and change to succeed in life.

Brycen Labertew, a sophomore political science major, is currently taking her class and believes that Jones is super energetic and approaches each class with a positive attitude. Labertew expressed how she is very passionate about what she teaches and tries to connect each lesson to personal stories to make it easier to understand.

“Professor Jones makes a strong effort to connect to each student in the class,” Labertew said.

In her free time, Jones enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and reading books.

“When I sit down to read a book, the world around me stops,” Jones said.

She reads books slowly because of her theatrical background. Jones visualizes everything she reads as a movie and reads one book a year because she gets very invested in the book.

Jones has always been involved with Washburn University, from summer classes to earning an English certification to teaching. Now, she is in Washburn as a lecturer, teaching Public Speaking and Communication and hopes to help the students from different diversity to achieve their future goals.


Edited by Rakesh Swarnakar and LeSha’ Davis