Joseph Kendall-Morwick hopes to inspire Ichabods

Joseph Kendall-Morwick is teaching his first year at Washburn. He has taught at other universities before. (courtesy of Peggy Clark)

Joseph Kendall-Morwick, an assistant professor of computer information sciences, believes in inspiring and educating other people in computer knowledge and efficiency.

Mousam Bhandari, a freshman in computer information systems who has taken a class previously with the professor, says that he has done so.

“He is always open to help students and has helped me through my first semester a lot.” Bhandari said. “He also teaches really well and inspired me to continue my pursuit in my computer science degree.”

Kendall-Morwick was born in Columbus, Ohio where he got his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. He later obtained his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Kendall-Morwick believes that programming would be his main hobby if it were not his job. As a computer scientist, he likes to think a lot about efficiency and natural resources.

“I think about using resources efficiently,” Kendall-Morwick said. “Honestly, I think that is what led to my interest in power generators, solar power, electric cars and things like that.”

In fact, he drives an electric car and has been very interested in ways to charge or power it through solar.

“I have been messing with my own kind of grid, solar equipment that I can play with, and I would like to learn more about that.”

On another topic of efficiency, he talks about being a vegan. According to Kendall-Morwick, veganism is much more efficient as it is “plants to food” rather than “plants to animals to food.” He expressed that the direct consumption of resources made the process more efficient and more alluring to him. Additionally, he acknowledged the restrictions that came with veganism. However, confessed that he liked the challenge.

“The added constraints also force you to be more creative, which I like and makes it fun,” Kendall-Morwick said.

Kendall-Morwick is also a do-gooder as he constantly involves himself with organizations such as Code for America, especially Code for Kansas City, and animal welfare organizations. He believes it to be a “mutually beneficial” relationship as he gains skills and experience while getting to feel good about what he is doing.

Kendall-Morwick hopes that in the future, Washburn computer science students who are interested in civic work also take similar initiatives and get involved.

To learn more about Code for America, feel free to reach out to him through his email [email protected].


Edited by: Rakesh Swarnakar and LeSha’ Davis