Opinion: Hollywood’s income inequality

Shi'erra Lolar

Welcome to the year 2018. The year where women still get paid lesser than men in the same line of work as them. The year where women are subjected to assault and abuse from their coworkers or costars to keep their star roles and also the year where famous actresses, such as Mo’nique and Tracee Ellis Ross, still get paid significantly lesser then their male co-stars.

This issue is honestly something that shouldn’t even be in existence this year. Why are women told in various ways that we are unequal from men? If we play in a movie, a TV show or in any field of work we deserve to have equal pay. This is not up for debate. These are human rights.

Women have had to endure so much in the last 100 years. From sexism, to wage gaps, to stereotypes, to not even having the right to vote! This is insane. Why is there still so much sexism and gender bias in Hollywood?

The first example of this happened to Tracee Ellis Ross. She and Anthony Anderson star in a sitcom called “Black-ish”. The show follows an African American family who are pretty well off, but they still face some struggles being a diverse family in today’s America.

Ross’s co-star is paid significantly more then her and is also an executive producer of the show. Even still, as much as a hit show as “Black-ish” is, you would think Ross would get paid equally. Ross is now telling people who work for the show that if she doesn’t get paid more she’ll leave and only make guess appearances, which will not only hurt the show but it will hurt the pockets of the people calling the shots.

I love the fact that Ross is taking a stand. This is something I wish more women would do. She knows that what’s happening is not fair, not equal and she did something about it. I support her and any woman who stand up for not only themselves, but a whole army of women.

I also believe that most of these cases have to do with popularity and privilege, which brings me to my next example. Actress, comedian and show host Mo’nique is known for being a figure in the community. She has been in movies such as “Soul Plane” an “Almost Christmas.”

She and other famous comedians, like Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Dave Chappellle, were asked to do a comedy special for Netflix. Rock & Chapelle were offered $20 million, while Schumer was offered $11 million and Mo’nique was only offered $500,000.

Mo’nique is a legend. From comedy specials, to unforgettable movies, to even reality TV, she deserves more money than they’re offering her.

Currently Mo’nique is boycotting Netflix for racism and gender bias, which I agree with. Just because Schumer sold out Madison Square Garden twice and had a very successful movie doesn’t mean she should get paid more. I feel that women, especially in Hollywood, should be equal.

Bottom line, women and men should be paid equally. Until that happens, more and more women will continue to realize their worth and stand up for equality.