Opinion: Despite the loss against UCM, this men’s basketball team is special

Trevor Beurman

Before the game against the University of Central Missouri Saturday, Jan. 27 at 3 p.m. as I walked up to the press box at the top of Lee Arena I realized something:

The fans were electric, in fact, they were ecstatic.

For a team that currently owns the top of the MIAA conference along with Northwest Missouri as of Saturday, you would think that would not be much of a tall task to have a fan base buzzing.

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As you most likely know, however, there are slim pickings for Division II teams like the Ichabods. Which is why on Saturday when I took my daily trek to the second floor press box, I was surprised.

I am not surprised about the fact that Washburn is a good team, I knew this by the very first game. I am surprised with how this team is being supported by the Topeka community.

While Lee Arena was definitely not full, and actually down from attendance from the previous game by about a thousand fans, the energy was palpable.

So as the fan base has made clear, they are starting to believe in this team. Which is why I am now recommending that you take a chance to make a trip to a men’s basketball game at Washburn this season, whether away or home.

Other than just my word though there are statistics that back up this team as well. With a huge winning streak in the MIAA in the first year of KU graduate Bret Ballard’s first season, this team only has a bright future to look towards to.

So, be the first to say that you saw this team produce great results. Starting with that one landmark season in 2018.

With multiple players like junior Javion Blake, freshman Tyler Geiman, junior Tyas Martin, and junior David Salach, this team has building blocks beyond the 2018 season.

While the Ichabods will lose major contributors like senior Brady Skeens, senior Randall Smith, and senior Cameron Wiggins, this team should be raring to rebound.

And I have no doubt they will, Ballard’s resume is excellent and his pedigree is guaranteed to bring in some top performers as soon as next season to surge these Ichabods forward.

I am going to go all in on this one, all my chips on the table, this team is going to have an impressive postseason this year. You can take my word for it.

While I am at it, this team is going to have special postseasons from here on out, just wait and see.