WSGA opens talks for minimum wage increase on campus

Members of the Washburn Student Government Association met for their weekly senate meeting Nov. 16, 2022, where they discussed job wages and recycling programs.

Members voted on a resolution regarding raising the minimum wage for on-campus jobs. The current minimum wage on Washburn’s campus is $7.25/hr. This is much lower than the livable wage in Kansas, which is $15.87/hr. With the passing of this resolution, WSGA hopes that the minimum wage will be increased campus wide. This does come at a cost of fewer jobs on campus. WSGA does not see this affecting too many individuals, as there are currently over 100 vacant job positions on campus that are projected to stay empty.

Another resolution that was brought before members concerned the possibility of improving Washburn’s recycling program. The idea of the resolution was for Washburn to have a student volunteer-run recycling program instead of paying the city for its services. This resolution was tabled indefinitely as members said it was not thought-out and planned enough.

Edited by Glorianna Noland, Justin Shepard