We Are F1rst celebrates first generation students


photo by Shalynn Long

Emily Red, secretary for We Are F1rst, and Jenny Lieurance, first-generation specialist, are informing students about the first-generation organization and events occurring on campus. Many students came up to the booth and wrote on the bubble papers on the table.

The We Are F1rst organization kicked off November celebrating first generation students. The organization held many events to give back to these students.

On Friday, Nov. 4, We Are F1rst set a table up on the main floor of the Union to inform students about that week’s events. Students who stopped by the events and visited the We are F1rst table got the chance to enter their name to win a $1,000 scholarship for the spring semester. Three total scholarships were given away.

Tuesday, Nov. 8, We are F1rst had a Fuzzy’s fundraiser. Students who visited Fuzzy’s Taco Shop were able to donate back to the organization. Nov. 8 was also the National First Generation Day, which is widely celebrated across the United States. Washburn wanted to recognize these days and celebrate with students, which is why We Are F1rst ran events events on campus such as the student social and trivia night.

“It got reaffirmed this last year by Senator Marshall, who is one of our Kansas Representatives. Nov. 8 is recognized as this day to celebrate first generation students, faculty, staff and anyone who is considered a first gen. Here at Washburn and a lot of other institutions as well, we like to celebrate it as an entire week.” said Jenny Lieurance, first generation specialist.

Washburn and the We Are F1rst organization used this week to recognize and honor students who are first generation college students because it’s important for students to be recognized for their accomplishments.

“Our campus is 40 plus percent here at Washburn, and we really want first generation students to know that they belong here and there is a place for them,” said Lieurance. “Maybe even just noticing that they are first gen or they have someone that is there for them. Like I tell students, I’m here from the day of orientation all the way until graduation, however I can support.”

Wednesday, Nov. 9th from 4-5 p.m. in the Union Basement, students were welcome to enjoy free snacks, meet other first-generation students and socialize with staff, faculty and peers. Thursday, Nov. 10 at the Union Cafe from 6-7 p.m., they held a trivia night. Those who attended had the chance to win even more prizes and scholarships.

Edited By: LeSha’ Davis, Simran Shrestha