‘Barbarian’ is a twist-filled film best seen without prior knowledge

Tess is about to have a very bad stay at her Airbnb in the movie “Barbarian.”

Director Zach Cregger got his point across to viewers in 2022’s “Barbarian.” The film’s suspenseful moments and many horrifying scenes that instantly smack you in the schnoz make this movie bonkers.

If you can watch the whole movie without covering your eyes, you’ll receive bonus points from Washburn Student Media.

Tess (Georgina Campbell) decided to rent an Airbnb in the slums of Detroit, Michigan, for an in-person interview for a job in the city. When Tess arrives at the Airbnb rental home, she is met with a man named Keith (Bill Skarsgârd) at the door. Realizing that they’ve booked the same place, Keith politely invites Tess inside the rental home. In a crime-ridden neighborhood, while there is a storm outside, Tess agrees. Keith and Tess are sorting out the messy situation by calling the homeowner, but the homeowner fails to answer her phone, leaving Tess and Keith in an uncomfortable position. The hotels in the city are booked, so Tess agrees to stay at home with Keith. Keith arranged for Tess to stay in the lone bedroom in the rental while Keith slept on the couch.

As the two strangers get to know each other, they decide to call it a night after an evening of unprecedented events. Tess awakens in the middle of the night to her bedroom door (which was locked) open. From that point on, it gets freaky.

Not having any prior knowledge of the film going into it, the movie was set up to make it an optimal viewing experience without a lick of information. I will point out that you’re incorrect if you think the trailer of the scariest film in 2022 reveals any backstory or details. You will have a stressful time watching this movie, but to quote the band One Direction, “that’s what makes it beautiful.”

I love putting the pieces together when I’m watching a horror movie or any movie in general. Solving the clues of “Barbarian” makes the film more compelling. The shocking events and surprises glue you to your seat as you’re itching to find out what’s next. The misdirection and path of the film make us think about how sickening real-life events happen in our day-to-day life that we glance over. While the initial scenario’s set-up isn’t too unusual, the following sequence of events makes this movie unique and slightly triggering. Cregger and his team do a stellar job of digging into your self-consciousness but giving you the emotional release your insides need. You can see in this film comparisons of other horror classics that true horror fans will also pick up immediately.

The originality of “Barbarian” makes this movie an instant classic. The gut-wrenching door-to-door scenes in the basement make this adventurous ride worth the suspenseful wait to the film’s end.

I’m going to give this movie an 8/10.

Edited by Justin Shepard