Bods on the Block: How do you deal with Midterm Stress?

Yuxin Fu: Major: English, Year: Junior

 “Last semester, how I dealt with midterms, and the stress was by eating. That’s definitely not a healthy way, so this term, I think If I get really stressed at something I will try to leave it for a little while. I don’t think working on something for a long time is a good way to do it, cause that only drags you backward.”

Theresa Young (In the interview she said her name was Tracy Young, but this is what I found in the directory): Major: Finance Year: Junior

 “Eat, eat a lot of food! So at that time [Midterms] I get a whole box of snacks and I just, sitting in front of a computer and desk and then [I] like eating while I am doing an assignment and stuff.”

Lili Dumas: Major: No Major, Year: Junior

 “I am not stressed. Before I was stressed, because I wanted my degree [very] much, but now I [have] life goal[s], and I know, if I have or if I have not my degree, [they] will not change. So I am enjoying more what I could learn here, just to learn not to [about having] a degree. So I don’t have stress for Midterms, I am just trying to learn as possible, anything interesting for me.”

Melissa Cooper: Major: Art Education, Year: Freshmen

 “Well I haven’t really found a way yet. It’s been stressful, I mean this is my first semester, so. But basically what I have been doing, in my sociology class we’re doing meditation and so I’m using that now as a daily thing that I’m doing everyday on a regular basis. And I found that its actually relieved a lot of my stress.”

Joshua McCabe: Major: Computer Science, Year: Sophomore

“I make sure to take breaks, adequate breaks, usually goof off for a little while, try studying again. So you know, I’ll study for a while, then I’ll goof off for a while, go back to studying. You gotta try to give yourself a chance to just relax”