WU baseball adds wins as season comes to close

Bryan Grabauskas

With a game against Fort Hays State University April 17 and three games against Southwestern Baptist University with one April 18 and two April 19, the Ichabods had a busy week. They won three of the four games, only losing one match against Southwest Baptist.

In their first game, Washburn got on a streak in the second inning, racking up four runs. Senior outfielder Bowe Behmyer and sophomore infielder Jake Hahn passed home base and then a hit from junior outfielder Javis Larson allowed both Reid Greaser and Kolton Meyer to score.

The Tigers managed to score twice in the third inning and again in the fourth, cutting the deficit to one run. The sixth inning was full of action. Fort Hays scored twice, pulling ahead 4-5.

However, the Ichabods answered back with their own scoring spree, scoring three runs. Junior infielder Brady Hoover, Behmyer, and senior infielder Jake Bublitz all scored in the sixth inning.

Washburn buried the Tigers in the seventh inning when senior catcher Josh Crosby hit a home run, allowing both him and Larson to score. Washburn came away with a 9-7 win.

The first game against Southwest Baptist started quiet, with no scoring from either team for the first five innings. Washburn struck first blood, with a homer from Crosby in the sixth inning.

Then the Bearcats retaliated, scoring five runs in the bottom of the sixth. The Ichabods managed to score again in the ninth, but the Bearcats still won 2-5.

Washburn put on a scoring clinic in the first game of the April 19 doubleheader against Southwest Baptist. They scored twice in the second inning, an astounding six times in the third, three times in the fourth, twice in the fifth, and twice in the seventh.

The Ichabods scoring came to a total to 16 runs. Behymer, sophomore catcher Steven Jacobson, junior outfielder Joel Spain, Meyer, Bublitz, Hahn, Larson, Hoover, and freshman catcher Reid Greaser each scored. Behymer and Jacobson both had three runs and Hahn and Bublitz had two each. Washburn dominated in a 16-1 victory.

The frequent scoring continued in the next game, with the Ichabods scoring three runs off of a homer from Bublitz in the opening inning. The Bearcats responded with two of their own runs.

Washburn scored another three runs in the second inning, and managed to keep the Bearcats to one, placing them ahead 6-2. Both teams scored a run in the third inning.

Washburn scored its last run of the game in the fifth inning. Southwest Baptist tried to some back, scoring in the sixth and eighth inning, but only managed to score two runs. Washburn won 8-6.