bods on the block news 4-3-18

Cody Batterman, freshman, Computational Physics

“In sixth grade, our teacher, while we were working on a subject, decided to have a pop quiz, insisting that it was real to the point that we had our names on the paper. Then she told us it was fake; she had us going for a second.”

Luke Brockelman, freshman, Nursing

“When I was in high school, my mom tricked me one day by saying school was canceled and it was 75 degrees out.”

Markel Crawford, freshman, Business

“I helped my mom prank my older sister [into] thinking she had [gotten a new] a car, but it was a toy car.”

Sierra Fanel, freshman, Criminal Justice

“So I had a serious boyfriend for three years and [my mom] wondered why I got engaged so young, so on April Fools I said it was because I was pregnant and I gave her a fake pregnancy test.”

Zekiah Nettekoven, senior, Computer Information Science

“Basically I was walking home after school and this guy was walking in the middle of the road and he yelled, ‘Hey I got your phone! April Fools!’ … It was April 5th.”