news bods on the block 4-25-18

Trevor Beurman

What is your hardest final?

Delton Kenna, junior, kinesiology 

“Anatomy, there is a lot of structure and you have to go into a lot of details. Like the deepest you can get.”

Wanakis Wahaki, junior, computer science

“My hardest final is going to be Data Structures. It is like a higher level programming class yet it is not like a programming class it is understanding how databases interact with programs.”

Jenna Beck, sophomore, elementary education

“My only final is history, so history. History has never been my strong suite though because you have to connect dates to big events.”

Kali Crome, sophomore, nursing

“This semester [my hardest final] is going to be micro biology. We have had a lot of information over this past semester. All we do is take notes, so it is just a lot of information to go back over.”

Maggie Durkin, freshman, mathematics

“Biology [is my hardest final]. This is my hardest final because it is worth like 50 percent of my grade and the class is probably the hardest class I have ever taken and the way it is reached it just a lot different.”