President Farley retires after serving for Washburn University for 25 years


Kyle Etzel

President Jerry Farley announces his retirement April 18, 2022. He has served for more than 25 years as the president of Washburn University.

Washburn University’s president Jerry Farley announced Monday, April 18, that he will retire from his position after more than 25 years of service.

A press conference held outside of the president’s office at 1:30 p.m. brought with it local news station reporters and members of Washburn faculty and administration to hear Farley speak on a previously unannounced matter.

Donning the classic jacket and maroon bow tie for this occasion, Farley explained that the timing is right for him and his family in the next steps of their lives.

Farley is the third major administrator to announce they will be departing from Washburn this semester. Carla Pratt, dean of Washburn University School of Law, announced on March 22 that she will be leaving Washburn to join University of Oklahoma’s College of Law. JuliAnn Mazacheck, vice president of academic affairs, announced that she was appointed as Midwestern State University’s president on March 28.
Farley included in his statement to the press that he plans to stay involved with the Washburn community post-retirement as president emeritus.

Farley mentioned he’s discussed the transition with others for years.

“I began discussing my retirement with the board more than two years ago,” Farley said. “Susan and I have been carefully considering the timing of our retirement for several months now, and we have decided that this is the correct time for us.”

During the conference, Farley mentioned the discussions he had with his wife “this last week.”

“My plan is not going to work, my plan to live forever,” Farley said. “And so she and I have been discussing this. We had some free time to ourselves in this last week, and decided this was the right time for us,” Farley said.

Grace Ellis, junior social work major, has personally never met Farley, but his reputation precedes him.

“I’ve heard from people who have worked with him that he has good character and is really kind,” Ellis said.

Ellis also remarked that she’s enjoyed spotting his “cute dog” on campus walks with Farley.

Darrick Parks, a freshman with sports management major, recalled a meaningful presence about him introducing himself at convocation in fall 2021.

“I think he’ll leave a good legacy here,” Parks said.

Edited by: Glorianna Noland, Simran Shrestha