Broke college kid snacks

Deja Cardenas

Ah Summer, the time to binge as much Netflix as possible, devour that box of Oreo’s that Walmart stocks up to celebrate the Fourth of July and of course attempt a 30 day ‘get fit’ challenge just in case we go on that awesome trip to the beach that none of us can afford. Some of us are sent back home to visit our families, who tell us were too thin and stuff us with all of our childhood favorites, which sometimes weren’t too lean. Why do we expect so much of ourselves in the three months of ‘break’ we get? Two weeks before summer, most of us are trying to spend the remaining 200$ left on our meal plan, while the rest of us stock up on beer for these summer parties. There is this saying, ‘you are what you eat’, well I don’t want to be a hamburger this summer. For the remainder of the summer, let’s be strawberries and granola bars, not deep fried corn dogs.

After talking with a few of my friends at Washburn, I think it’s time to challenge ourselves to CUT THE CRAP this summer.

Carbonated drinks

Refined sugars

Artificial flavorings & Alcohol

Processed foods

My grandpa’s diabetes doctor explained this acronym to us when we were discussing meal plans He stated his sincerity, “The leading cause for death in the united states is heart disease, which could have been prevented many times if some of those people would have ‘cut the crap’ when they were younger’”.

Disclaimer; I am not a doctor or health professional; all my attained knowledge was gathered through experience and research.

I completely understand how costly it is to eat healthy, even at a fast food gig, the salads run about 7-8$, when you could get more food for less money.

Take 6$ from your next paycheck, go to dollar tree and buy these 6 snacks;

·       Craisens (ocean spray has less sugar)

·       Freeze dried apples

·       Freeze dried peaches

·       Freeze dried strawberries

·       6pack of peanuts

·       Dove dark chocolate squares

·       Container to mix them in

Now you have an affordable, low calorie, healthy trail mix. Stick it in the fridge and devour during your next Netflix binge.

Fun information about your new healthy snack: Freeze dried fruits are high in fiber and antioxidants. Peanuts are rich in essential nutrients such as protein, fiber, antioxidants. Cranberries help balance ph levels, improves bladder function, and eliminates foul body odors. Dark chocolate also has many health benefits, such as fighting tooth decay, lowers risks of heart attack and strokes, boosts libido, it also helps to maintain blood sugar levels. Remember this is according to high quality dark chocolate with not too much sugar or dairy.

Here are a few healthy snacks your fellow Washburn peers are snacking on this summer:

Outside of the box chip dip

·       drained black beans, lightly rinsed;

·       tomatoes,

·       corn,

·       cilantro

·       green onions.

“You can sprinkle a little cheese and eat plain, use as a dip for chips and/or use as meatless taco filling.” Regina Cassel, a very important member of the Student Media Community shares her favorite healthy snack.

Dried and salted seaweed.

Seaweed snacks are great for your body, affordable and close to campus, you can pick some up at University Asian Market, 2222 SW Washburn Ave. Mary Bartell, Noll Speak off Champion of 2017 says, “I’m pretty sure they come in 3 flavors; wasabi, sesame and cracked pepper and herbs. I’d try cracked pepper and herbs first try.”

Gluten & sugar free chocolate oat cookies

·       2 large ripe bananas

·       1 cup of oats (to make these cookies gluten free, you will have to pick up gluten free oats, if not they sell a large tub of oats at the dollar tree.)

·       2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa

·       Mix-in’s; (optional) unsweetened dark chocolate chips, chopped almonds, dried cranberries, dried raspberries, vanilla, flax seed, etc.


1.     “Preheat to 350 degrees and prep a cookie sheet with non-stick parchment paper.

2.     Mix oats, cocoa and bananas (save the mix ins for step 3) into a bowl until the batter seems like cookie dough, Don’t be discouraged by the dry consistency, it will get smoother as you continue to mix.

3.     Add in your extras.

4.     Plop some of your mixture onto your cookie sheet, and keep in mind these types of cookies don’t enlarge in size when you bake them, so make your cookies at the size you want them. I always make them smaller.

5.     Bake for about 10-15 minutes. “

Directions and ingredients were given to me by Zhane Rainey, 2nd year returning business major.

Quick tip to keep in mind when buying fruit; Dillions sells ‘clearance fruit’ on a brown rack that comes in a red mesh bag. The fruits and vegetables aren’t bruised or rotting, some of them are just left over from the last batch and they bag it and sell it for 1$! Ask an associate if you have problems finding it!

I also uploaded a role-model shopping list of a few necessities that every college needs to stay healthy, as well as a structural meal plan. Could be useful for dorms!