Senior Checklist

Emily Unruh

As the school year begins, students are scrambling to get organized. For seniors, there is extra pressure to “get it right” as they begin to enter the workforce. Thankfully, Washburn is here to assist and inform seniors to rid those anxiety dreams and ensure that you have prepared for your final year of college.

There are multiple resources that Washburn provides that help students graduate and enter the workforce. This year, make sure to check with Career Services for assistance with resume writing and their various events.

Students are invited to bring their resumes and participate in interviews to learn and practice their skills on Mock Interview Day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nov. 4. The day covers a range of subjects such as appropriate clothing, how to ask questions in an interview and how to answer the questions addressed.

Career Services also offers various career fairs. Whether it is a big group fair, or degree specific, they allow students to meet potential employers. Individuals are able to interact with both businesses and graduate programs to find out what the best fit is for them. On any day, Career Services is always a good resource to help build your resume and learn about what employers are expecting as seniors prepare to graduate. 

There are also things you can do on your own time. The Office of Academic Affairs recommends completing internships, most before senior year, and ensuring that you are comfortable with your chosen career path. Post-graduation exams, such as the LSATS, will seem less daunting if you begin studying now. Take advantage of opportunities to try practice tests and prepare for exams.

All of this leads up to commencement at the end of your college career, which seeks to “celebrate, honor and recognize the achievements of all students.” If you are planning to participate in your commencement ceremony, you must submit your application for graduation to the University Registrar’s office by the deadline for the semester you plan to walk. The fall deadline is September 3, and the spring and summer deadline is February 2. There are no rehearsals, but seniors will receive instructions in a letter and are instructed to arrive at Petro 125 approximately 45 minutes before the beginning of your ceremony. The fall date for Commencement is December 14, and the spring date is May 11. You can find further information on Washburn’s website.

This is the year to spend time forming relationships with professors and friends alike. Ending things on a good note will ensure that you have plenty of willing people to suggest jobs for you and write letters of recommendation. As you prepare to graduate, Washburn University is here to help and prepare you for the next step in your life.