Worldwide and campus-wide connections through the radio

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Washburn University has many clubs and departments of which students can become a part. One of them is KRWU, Kansas Radio Washburn University. This department is primarily student-based and is constantly looking for people (especially Washburn students, staff and other citizens of Topeka, Kansas) to submit their work (music, poetry, etc.) to possibly be broadcasted. 

The station is relatively new. Kim Korber, the President of KRWU, stated “Our interaction of the radio has been in the works for over a year, but we officially began broadcasting [during] the last few weeks of last semester.” 

KRWU’s team is very passionate about the station’s goal. Korber spoke about the stations purpose:

“Our purpose [is] to provide the students, faculty and staff of Washburn University and the surrounding Topeka area [with] a place to listen in for the news, entertainment and music. It’s also a place for students to showcase their work (whether it be in the form of music, podcasts or other items). We wanted KRWU to be a way for the University and Topeka to connect more,” Korber said.

KRWU’s purpose is to build a strong connection in and between the communities of Washburn University and the city of Topeka. 

Lexi Rodriguez, DJ, Producer and Artist Relations correspondent, elaborated more about the network of relationships that the wants to build. Rodriguez stated that its mission is “to bring students closer to local music and artists, creating a more collective community. It also brings academic opportunities to students focusing on broadcasting in the music or mass media industry.” 

In an attempt to bring the communities closer, KRWU has many different segments that one can tune in to. The station is partners with UN News, allowing for world updates to be broadcasted in English, Spanish and Chinese, and plays music from both local and international artists. They also advertise for the Tone Deaf music podcast and recordings of Up To No Good, a student improv-comedy group. KRWU seems to have a little something for everyone.

“Really the radio is here for the students, by the students” Korber said. 

One of KRWU’s newest segments is “Sunflower Sutras,” created by Tara Rhiannon Bartley. When inquiring more about Sunflower Sutras, Bartley answered.

“Sunflower Sutras is a podcast dedicated to spotlighting poetry. Though we have conducted interviews and accepted submissions internationally, we are especially committed to promoting Kansas writers and their work. All we ask from the community is to share their art with our show so that we may provide a platform for local voices. We accept poetry of every shape, size and smell. Anyone can submit to our show by contacting the Sunflower Sutras Facebook page or [email protected],” Bartley said.

For those that wish to check out KRWU, Korber says that “the easiest way to tune into the radio station is by going to [their] website,… Students can tune in whenever they like, at all hours of the day. We run an ‘on hour’ broadcast from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the weekdays and an after-hours’ broadcast every evening and weekends,” Korber said. 

KRWU is a student organization that is really passionate about their medium and wants to spread the joy they find in it all across the Washburn campus.

“…never before in my academic career have I felt so intertwined with the unique Washburn community. Honestly, it’s in working with the radio that I finally feel like a real Ichabod,” Bartley said.

KRWU extends an invite to the student body, staff and other citizens of Topeka—and the whole world—to submit their work and tune in to witness the greatness of it all.