Gender Brown Bag Presentations Focus on Gender Discussions

The Gender Brown Bag presentations will start Sept. 7 to Nov. 28 at Washburn University. All six presentations begin at noon. The series of presentations focus on researches and discussions about gender. They are open to the public unless otherwise indicated.

Noon on Wednesday, Sept. 19 in the Cottonwood Room in the Memorial Union.

Izzy Wasserstein presents her poetry and fiction piece “Speculative Identities: Queerness and Marginalization.” She will discuss the ways about how her writing is shaped by her identity as a queer, transgender woman. Join the discussion and a brainstorming exercise at the presentation.

12:30 p.m. on Tuesday Oct. 2 in the Forum Room in BTAC.

Danielle Head will present “Where Good Looks Count: Guns, Gender, and Visual Culture.” She will discuss gun culture and gender binary through her observation of advertising and media sources. Come and examines relationships between symbolic representations of gender, gun culture and “gendered” representations of gun ownership, use and marketing.

Noon on Monday Oct. 15 in the Lincoln Room in Memorial Union

Steve Cann will present “Gender Discrimination and the Law.” He will talk generally about the standard the Supreme Court uses to resolve disputes of gender discrimination. He will also discuss sexual harassment in the work place.

Noon on Friday Nov. 16 in the Forum Room in BTAC

Kerry Wynn, from the history department, and Courtney Sullivan, from the modern language department, will present “Women in World War II: Team Teaching and Publishing in Women’s and Gender History.” They will discuss their experiences of teaching about women and gender during World War II and how they turned their joint teaching into an article on pedagogy.

Noon on Wednesday Nov. 28 in the Lincoln Room in Memorial Union

Chris Jones’s presentation will be “Sexual Utopias.” Several students from the fall semester course “Jews, Christians, and Sex” (RG 300 / WG 399) will be presenting their projects at the Gender Brown Bag. In this course, students are reading utopian accounts of human sexuality from Greek, Roman, Christian and Jewish antiquity. As a term project, they develop their own sexual utopias that incorporate ideas from these sources.

The Gender Brown Bag presentations provide informal opportunities to share research and discuss topics pertaining to gender. All bods are welcome to these Brown Bag events and to share opinions.