Bowtie encourages students engage on campus


Leah Jamison

Various student organizations and departments set up tables and talked to students at BOWTIE on Thursday, Feb. 10. BOWTIE happens every semester in Washburn A & B and is an opportunity for new and returning students to find ways to get involved.

Washburn University held its spring semester BOWTIE Fair on Thursday, Feb. 10 in the A & B room located in Memorial Union.

Initially the BOWTIE Fair was an annual event, but later it was made a semester event. BOWTIE, which stands for “Broadening our world, the Ichabod experience”, is an event in which students get an opportunity to learn more about the university. BOWTIE is the one place that brings all on-campus activities and organizations straight to students. It also brings student resources, academic advancement opportunities and helps students find on-campus jobs. One of the interesting parts of the event is that for students who are eligible for state or federal work, there are booths that offer opportunities for students to use funds to work on campus.

“I think the most interesting thing about BOWTIE is the knowledge flowing around for newcomers and also for the returning students. There are different clubs and organizations that we can know about, gather information and get more involved in the campus”, said Saimon Ghimire, a junior majoring in data analytics, finance and economics.

The most efficient way to get involved in college is by joining clubs and organizations. Joining organizations that foster one’s personal and academic growth are an important part of the college experience. It helps improve social interaction and build strong networking skills. Not only that, students also get to talk to department representatives directly at the event about academic and major related questions.

“This event has been good, and it brought me a lot of information about activities and involvement at Washburn,” said Dylan Tubach, a freshman who plans to declare his major as nursing.

BOWTIE is the only event in which all of the 125 student organizations at Washburn University, students and members of the university come together. Students can enjoy infinite opportunities, build friendships and gain rewarding experiences through co-curricular involvement in these organizations.

Edited by:Simran Shrestha, Ellie Walker