iPhone XS and XS Max, is it worth the upgrade?

According to their website, Apple’s iPhone XS is one of the most advanced cell phones ever made by the company, along with the XS Max. But is it worth to upgrade from the iPhone X to the XS or the XS Max? The XS is much smaller than the X, while the XS Max is a bit bigger than the X, but does that mean that the two new phones’ abilities outmatch the X by a large margin? Apple says that the two “upgrades” have an even more advanced face ID than even the X, with one being able to not only unlock their phone with their face, but also log into apps and pay for things online. Apple even states that it is “the most secure facial authentication ever in a smartphone.” It is also faster than the previous version. However, there are dangers to having facial recognition software.

If someone is asleep, someone else may use their face and change the unlocking method, therefore, locking them out of their own phone. Apple said it shouldn’t be an issue, though, because you have to have the exact same face that you made the password with in order for the software to work.

In addition to the better facial recognition, Apple also says that they have the most durable glass ever in a smartphone, as well as being almost completely waterproof. Apple also states that the OLED display on the iPhone XS is custom made, and it can deliver even better quality color. The company   implies that the only thing different with the XS Max is that it has the largest screen display ever made on an iPhone.  

According to CNN, the iPhone XS and XS Max might not be worth upgrading, even though the storage is expanded and the features are impressive. The iPhone XS starts at $999, and the XS Max is $100 more. If you want the fully-upgraded XS Max that holds 512 GB of storage, it will cost $1,449, which is almost double what the iPhone 6 was worth when it first came out. The iPhone XR is only $749, so is getting the upgrade worth it? Some say yes, because the battery life extends by almost 30 minutes with the iPhone XS, and it extends by 90 minutes with the XS Max.  

A review made by Scott Stein on cnet.com states that the iPhone XS is “a slight notch above the iPhone X.” He says that iPhone X owners don’t need an upgrade, and that “the XS is an incremental step up from the iPhone X. Speed gains are hard to judge, and aren’t nearly as dramatic at first as the X felt compared to the iPhone 7 of the prior year. The camera is certainly better, but the X already takes great shots. Battery life is close enough, and the XS’ general design is identical. This isn’t a reason to upgrade from the X to the XS.” The upgrades are enticing, but they aren’t big enough upgrades to warrant switching out your iPhone X for them, especially with the high-end price tag.

A review made by USA Today writer Edward C. Baig says that “Apple’s beautiful big-screen beasts exact a small ransom.” He goes on to explain that, although it may seem like upgrading to an XS or XS Max is a good idea, it is much better to wait for the XR to come out in October. He also gives several reasons to back up his thinking, citing things like the excessive price and minor upgrades. The price for 512 GB of storage is between $1,349 and $1,449, but phones with only 64 GB of storage are still $999 and $1,099. There are also 256 GB phones at $1,149 and $1,249. The sheer expense of getting a so-called “better” phone for an exorbitant price is almost comical, seeing as both essentially do the same things as the X.