Soccer season kicks off

Matthew L. Self, Review Editor in Chief

Our women’s soccer team is off to a great start this season after completing their first game against SMSU Aug. 30. The soccer team displayed excellent play as they won 2-0 last Thursday. This early victory will no doubt boost the team’s confidence in the games to come later this fall season.

Players such as Ryanne Serrone-Brown and Josie Rimmer, both freshmen, displayed their skills in the first game. Brown scored her first collegiate goal and Rimmer had a good first game as well, with two shots on goal. Skilled new players have been added to the Washburn soccer team and will provide the team with an edge over the other teams.

The head coach, Davy Phillips, is optimistic for the team’s future. He was impressed by their resolve and ability to work together as a team should. Though his team had difficulties getting on track at the start of the game, they quickly grabbed possession of the ball and showed that they hadn’t just come to compete with SMSU but to dominate the field.

“If we can start games with the right attitude, I think we are in a good place to have some success. We need to concentrate on continuing to grow and progress as a team with each training session and game, but the group is hungry for more right now,” Phillips said.

Washburn’s soccer team also found victory against Upper Iowa with a score of 1-0 Sept. 1. These first two wins for the team are a great start this fall season and shows that the junior and senior players are ready to work with the freshmen to succeed. It’s safe to say that we can all expect great things from Washburn’s soccer team this year.