Night School review: a bad film, regardless of Haddish and Hart

Charismatic leads don’t save this film from being a snooze-fest.

The latest Kevin Hart comedy vehicle comes in the form of “Night School,” directed by Malcolm D. Lee, with Hart’s opposite being Tiffany Haddish. Haddish and Hart are both likable and funny actors, but this film is awful.

The film I compare it to the most is Adam Sandler’s “Billy Madison,” but I actually have fond memories of that film. The basic plot is quite similar to Adam Sandler’s movie. Kevin Hart needs his GED, so he has to go to night school, with a ragtag group of others who also need a GED. Haddish plays their teacher.  

While this film may be considered a comedy, especially with Kevin Hart in it, this has to be one of the most unfunny films I have ever seen for a film that has comedy as its purpose. There were several jokes, but only a couple landed, and, even then, they weren’t that funny. I am aware that Hart, Haddish and the rest of the cast with the likes of Rob Riggle and Ben Schwartz (being established comedy actors) have the capacity to be very funny, but the actors were not put to good use.

This is one of the films that I have seen this year that did nothing more than to make me cringe. The sheer volume of attempts at comedy baffled me with how almost all of them failed to generate laughs, which is especially disappointing considering who is cast in the film.

One thing that could be seen as a nitpick that bothered me is the way the film looks and sounds. It looks insanely artificial, and while normally things like that don’t bother me, this one did. The other thing that perhaps enhanced that artificial feeling is the soundtrack. The composer, David Newman, is certainly not at fault for this. Whoever wanted the soundtrack the way it did got what they wanted. A bland, really cliché soundtrack that really stuck out as poor, in addition to the look of the film. The best way I could describe the sheer feeling of this film is like a combination between a Disney Channel original movie and the live action “Cat in The Hat” movie.

All in all, Kevin Hart’s “Night School” is a forgettable slog. Even saying there were a couple funny moments is a gross exaggeration. I really didn’t get entertainment out of this film, and I think that comedy fans, even fans of Hart and Haddish, should not waste time on this film.