ichabods moving forward


According to research constructed by OSU.edu, 7 out of 10 college students are stressing about their scholarly finances and are dropping out or contemplate taking a break from their studies because of the expenses.

Our community faces the same scholarly finance stress epidemic; however, when these stresses are whispered amongst the Bods, the challenge is taken into their own hands to try to put an end to this. This time bods are once again coming together to help one another, with the new organization constructed by the Wahsburn University Alumni Association and foundation partnered with Ichabods Moving Forward and chose 8 students who essentially went through the process and created a student philanthropy group, those students tossed around the idea of an emergency fund for the students of Washburn. 

As you may have met people from the team at the school events while they were gaining awareness through tabeling, we just wanted to give a special thanks and recognize the team that consists of eight important members of the executive crew who run the organization; JJ Brania-Hopp, Kelli Forrest, Sydney Fox, Reed Harp, Paul Mismaque, Becca Nyman, Colin Truhe and Makayla Vargo. Another thank-you to the Ichabods Moving Forward Organization Advisors, Shaina Moravec and Julie Olson. Thank you for all your selflessness and effort to keep our community growing despite the financial misfortunes that burden the community. Thank you to the Washburn Alumni Association and Foundation for your contribution to the Washburn Community, without any of you, this wouldn’t be possible. Thank you.

Thus far, the organization has already initiated over 20 donors, you can donate your money into the emergency fund that helps your classmates who struggle. As students, there is enough to worry about, money shouldn’t be an obstacle. The donation process does give the donor the option to be anonymous, however, as explained by Becca Nyman, “There are ways you can get a thank you letter. There is not a minimum requirement for how much you donate, but if you donate 15 dollars or more, The Washburn Alumni association and foundation will give you a free gift.” Which is a t-shirt with the organization’s logo on it which says, ‘for students, by students.’ Becca Nyman wants donors to know that, “We don’t have a set number of students [we are aiming to help]. By making this emergency fund, were actually just going to help the students in general. Because if you donate, you know that your money is going directly to a student that needs it because the Washburn Alumni Association and Foundation covers all of the group’s costs. So, all of the money that is donated goes directly into this emergency fund.”

Initially the organization started Becca Nyman explained, “Washburn is a home for so many different variety of students, international, traditional, non-traditional, people from all over the world, and country, we understand that eventually someone will need help eventually, and this fund will really just support that and help the students who are in need.”

The Ichabods Moving Forward emergency fund is essentially a temporary emergency assistance, Becca explained a circumstance for which the fund may be accessed, “If your car breaks down, if it’s going to hinder your studies, were going to help you as best as we can. If driving to school is your only option, the organization will be available to try to help you get that issue fixed.”

Becca Nyman explained her desire, “ Being a a part of the organization really means that I get to help someone who is in need, Ichabods moving forward was started so that students can help students, because Washburn is a place where everyone know each other, because it is a community, but we realized that there wasn’t a lot of help outside of financial aid, for students. That’s why I was passionate about this, so that I can help students who may not have any other resources, and allowing them to stay n their classes, because nothing is more powerful than education.” She continued, “I did it because Washburn is my home, and I want other students to feel like its their home as well, and in order for that to happen they have to have that community feel of being able to support eachother.”

Bods can get involved to the donation process of the organization by going online, to: www.wualumni.org/ichabodsmovingforward scroll down to the blue box at the bottom and click, ‘Give Now’, fill out the form and submit your donation. The organization ensures that 100% of your donation will be directly donated into the organization helping students, no portion of your donation will be deposited into the organizations operating expenses, as those expenses are covered by The Washburn Alumni Association and Foundation.

If you are a bod who has fell into some financial misfortune, do not be ashamed, every student has several expenses that may be hard to upkeep, which is the main reason this organization was constructed. The organization will be accepting assistance applications in January of 2019. Keep in mind that you can submit your assistance application for yourself or a friend, as this organization strives for students and by students. For more information contact Ichabods Moving Forward at; [email protected] or 785.670.2751.