Skincare On A Budget!

Simple Skin Care

Glowing skin is all that’s in right now, but there is no need to break the bank to achieve this look. As college students, there are not sufficient funds that can be put towards expensive skincare.

Many young people go to YouTube for makeup and skincare advice. Most YouTubers advertise brands that are not feasible, so viewers feel like they have to buy costly products.

Youtubers like Jaclyn Hill, Manny Mua, and NikkieTutorials all express the importance of skincare. However, they often advertise products they are sponsored by. Many of these products are high end and pricy.

One of Manny Mua’s recommendations he presents to his viewers is Sunday Riley oils. In one of his many YouTube videos he stated, “I am living for the U.F.O. oil and Luna oil.”

Depending on which size and retailer these oils are purchased from, the products can range from $35 to $75.

Obviously these prices are out of reach for most people in America.

The expectation of spending money for skincare and makeup is very prevalent in the YouTube community, as well as in popular department stores.

Sales associates at stores like Sephora or Nordstrom often recommend brands that are costly in order to boost their commission.

Breann Ogden, owner of Sundara Salon in Wichita, Kansas says, “there are plenty of lower-end high quality products that people just aren’t aware of.”

Skincare can be cheaply accessible to people of any income. There are many steps that are advertised, but the truth is that not all are needed or even beneficial.

Cleaning and moisturizing the face are the most important steps to achieving clear skin. While toners, oils, and other products are helpful, they are not necessary to achieve clear skin.

“You can wash your face with anything. It honestly doesn’t matter, but moisturizer is what is important,” said Ogden. She recommends splurging on moisturizer, if anything. However, it is still not necessary to spend more than $10.

Several all-purpose stores such as Target and Walmart carry cheap brands that can be reliable. It is important to do research on different brands to ensure their quality. Many honest reviews can be found online.

Washburn Biology Major, Dawson Pankratz, says, “I don’t have a skincare routine honestly.” This is a theme for many people. Skincare routines can be extensive and hard to follow, so some people who are overwhelmed apt to do nothing.

“People think they need to spend all this money for good skin and that’s not true at all,” says Ogden. Several brands like Simple, Yes To, and Soap & Glory are all affordable brands available at Target with non harmful ingredients.

Options exist online, as well as in stores outside of the drugstore.

On the topic of less common skincare brands, Ogden said, “I recommend brands like Dermalogica, Image, Bioelements. They all have inexpensive options that are very affordable.”

In the digital age, all skincare is available online. Coupon codes and browsers like Honey make these items much more affordable. Sometimes even more so than an in-store purchase.

Pankratz has had poor experience when shopping for skincare. He stated that the entire realm of skin and beauty is foreign to him, and he does not really know where to start.

“I have a charcoal face wash that I use in the shower, but that’s the extent of my skincare. Honestly, I just picked it out because my ex-girlfriend told me to get it, so I did,” said Pankratz.

Pankratz’ experience tends to be the same as many other people. Proper education of how to care for one’s skin is not available, so many people are left simply confused.

Often times, individuals are left buying random things on the shelf. These products likely will not work for the user because research and prior knowledge is beneficial.

“If you’re going to buy from a store I would buy from Ulta. Honestly, the best way to go is to buy from local businesses or individual sellers because most of these people genuinely care about their products unlike a lot of big businesses,” says Ogden.

Ulta is an accessible option that makes differentiating affordable and expensive skin products very easy. The store is divided in half, and it is simple to find the correct types of products.

Taking care of one’s skin is crucial to everyone, regardless of age or gender.

Ogden expresses the need for good skincare; “Skincare is something you should definitely choose quality over quantity which is why I would recommend buying locally.”