Recap and Preview of activities at the Rec

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center, otherwise known as the Rec, has been very busy last month offering up quite a few opportunities to have fun and stay active.

In September, intramural leagues began as flag football, volleyball and outdoor soccer leagues went on. They also had other types of events such as the volleyball triples tournament, volleyball skills challenge and, last but certainly not least, a Mario Kart competition. The SRWC also recently added a TRX Bootcamp and Boxing Basics. 

In the month of October, the flag football, volleyball and outdoor soccer leagues will come to a close with a single elimination tournament. Registrations have started for Archery Tag, which will begin Oct. 16.  Co-rec 5-on-5 basketball registration ends Oct. 17 and will begin play in mid-October. The last event will be the Halftime Challenge, which will run from Oct. 30-Nov. 1.

Whitney Slater, Director of the Rec, is excited about the upcoming events in October and throughout the semester. 

“My plan is to just do some stuff to bring in some new fresh ideas and bring some excitement back to the Rec,” Slater said.

The Rec is a great place to go to have fun and get in to shape. Make sure to sign up for as many events as possible, as they can’t go on without participants.