Can Emporia Drive

Can Emporia is a yearly event that sparks competition between Washburn University and Emporia State University. The goal for each institution is collect as many cans of food as possible. The combined food goes to feed those in need 

Many students and faculty participate in this event for both schools. Even those who don’t attend the universities can still donate canned food. It is something that people can gain pride and joy from. Students like to know that they are helping people in need, and they may get to play a part in the winning university each year. 

Angela Gray, sophomore English education and theatre major, thinks that it is great what the colleges are doing.

“It is something that not only benefits the people who need it but also benefits the colleges, as they are seen by potential students and staff that want to be at a college that helps out the community. I know a few people that really benefit from these types of drives, and it makes me so happy that everyone is getting something positive out of this experience,” said Gray.

Washburn and Emporia University feel they do this not for recognition, but to better help those who truly need it. The fact that they can claim any accord for being the winning team to receive the most donations is just a bonus that they receive, and it lets anyone coming to Washburn or Emporia University know they are committed to doing the food drive annually. The more people that participate, the more help is given to those in need.

Ashrae’Ana Cushinberry, a freshman music education major, sees this drive as an opportunity to unite the two schools.

“I think that this is something great. The fact that Washburn University and Emporia University had the idea to do a can drive for their communities is very respectable. They do this to not only help people, but to also get the students and faculty of their respective schools to work together and pitch in with whatever they have. Even if they might need it, they give what they have and hope that it can reach even one person in need. That is something that should be admired and praised,” said Cushinberry.

Food items and monetary donations can be collected until Oct. 30. Visit Can Emporia’s page on the Washburn website to find out more about drop-off locations and which food banks benefit from the event.